Steve Ballmer On Stage at Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, talks to thousands of partners in Toronto this morning. Here’s a link to the live feed.  You can also track the conversation on Twitter, by following the #WPC12 hashtag. You’ll get a lot of interesting inside information during these talks. 

Web Tour: What Others Are Saying About Your Startup

Well, they are not talking specifically about you, but the way these people are talking, it’s wonder you are not listening to them.  One of the common traps for startups is that they stop thinking about what didn’t get them into the game in the first place. That’s right, they fixate on what they are…


Run a Startup and Need a Partner? Check Out This Map, and Get Going

Written by Douglas Crets, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Bizspark What is the most amazing thing about building a startup? Entrepreneurs tell us that more than anything else, it’s the ability to change the world in some way. That’s speaking kind of broadly, and usually it means they have found a problem somewhere and then decided to…