Updated BizSpark News App

Well, I haven’t actually updated the app, but I have updated the feeds going into it. The BizSpark Team Blogs have changed and so I’ve updated the RSS feed that gets pulled into BizSpark news to pick up the latest from the team. You can get the app here if you haven’t seen it before.

BizSpark News App

One of the things I hear from startups occasionally is, how come I never hear what’s going on with BizSpark? Well, I have a couple of answers that I usually give. First, you can visit BizSpark.com and you’ll see a list of our latest BizSpark Blog and news posts. Members of the Microsoft Emerging Business…

GigaOM: You’ll Never Guess Which Mobile OS Has Highest Ad Click Rate

Well, I’m posting a link, so that might give it away. I mentioned in my Facebook post of the link that I think the reason is our really excellent system for identifying the type of ads that a user of a particular app would want to see. Users are much more likely to click through…

Soundtrckr on the Microsoft News Center

Cool story today on the Microsoft News Center about Soundtrckr, one of our East Region BizSpark One startups. Check out the story below and check out Soundtrckr at http://soundtrckr.com. Harmonic Convergence: Music and Social Networking Join Forces BizSpark One startup Soundtrckr lets listeners discover, play and share music on their terms — alongside their friends….

Executive Caddie on Windows Phone Radio

Really awesome mention of one of our favorite East region Windows Phone 7 developers – Executive Caddie. Interesting is their discussion of James Browning’s close contact with customers around new features added to the product. Check out the whole thing here: Windows Phone Radio 23 Good afternoon! Windows Phone Radio 23 is live and flowing…

Soundtrckr featured on Hot Apps

Soundtrckr, once of the BizSpark One companies we work closely with, is featured this week on Channel 9’s Hot Apps. Check out the video for an overview. Link

Windows Phone 7 Apps with AppMakr and Free Marketplace Registration

Starting today, you can build a Windows Phone 7 app quickly and easily using AppMakr. Check out the details below, along with information about getting Free Marketplace Registration for a limited time. Imagine developing an app in less than 30 minutes, with no coding required and no cost to you! Creating a Windows Phone App…

Online Silverlight Firestarter on December 2nd

If you do any WP7, Silverlight, or WPF development, you’re probably not going to want to miss this. Future of Silverlight Keynote Starts December 2, 2010 at 9:00 pacific time Hear what’s coming next from Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie Training, labs & swag Online or in-person at Microsoft HQ, December 2nd 2010 It’s just like an…