Perez Hilton, "The Queen of All Media", Launches IE8 Web Slice

Sean Seibel works with the top agencies in the world, helping them to take advantage of Microsoft technologies in the work they do. This is an interview with Ed Starr from BMF Media and Frances Calandra from Vectorform, sharing insights on partnering with Microsoft in building IE8 Add-ons. BMF Media is Perez Hilton’s Media agency…

Case Study on BizSpark Startup Flickchart

Microsoft just published a case study on Flickchart, one of my favorite sites on the net and one of my favorite BizSpark Startups. To me, this site shows off the awesome power of Microsoft Software in the hands of great coders and artists. So check out the case study and visit the site at….

Startup Interview with Silver Arcade

At the recent Mix10 in Las Vegas, I was able to sit down with Christopher Bennage of Silver Arcade to talk to him about Silverlight games, XNA, Windows Phone, and about the future of their gaming platform. You can visit Silver Arcade, play some games, and even publish your own Silverlight games at