Time Is Running Out to Vote for the BizSpark People’s Choice Award 2013

On July 4, twelve of the top BizSpark startup founders in Europe will gather in Berlin to talk shop and demonstrate their startup business models in front of a cast of leading investors and innovators from around the EU.

There will also be a moment set aside for the People's Choice Award, an award that goes to the startup that captures the hearts of fellow founders and anyone who follows the scene.

Currently, three startups are vying for the top spot.

1. Stonewash, 2. Wantr, and 3. Spreaker have captured almost all of the votes, with Screemo following up in the fourth spot. The rest have some ways to go.

We have not linked to those startups here, but you should visit our voting page to get complete information about the startups so that you can vote.

 Voting continues until July 4, so if you want to see your startup favorite win the BizSpark European Summit People's Choice Award, make sure to vote and to tell your supporters to vote. 

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