Gives Startup Advice: What Do You Do When You Start Your Company With The Wrong Technology? founders Michael Forte and RJ Holmberg created an app that helps you share what's relevant to anyone you like with a literal flick of the wrist. 

But before you get into the video (at the bottom), we wanted to introduce you to Michael and RJ. We asked them some questions recently about how they got through their stumbling blocks. Here is what Michael and RJ shared with us. 

What was your biggest stumbling block in development? How did you overcome your biggest stumbling block? We started out using the wrong technology for discovering and connecting devices.  We had to initially use third party developers which gives you very little control over your product.  Once we hired 2 awesome developers in house, everything changed.


At what point in your development did you know you were moving from a startup idea to startup execution and development? As we went out and talked to OEM’s and Partners the response was continually one of excitement and encouragement.  We kept hearing that sharing across devices and platforms was too difficult especially within proximity.  This validation made us realize that Simple Mobile Sharing was important and a unique business opportunity and not just an idea.


What advice do you want to give for any founder who wants to build a startup in rapid time? Find good partners, make quick decisions, get good developers and work with people who can do things you can’t, with people you trust.  

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