How the Learn to Code Video Inspired Prateek Gupta to Jump on the Startup Bus and Save the World

So, you all have probably seen the Learn to Code video.

How can you not be inspired by this? 

Well, one of our BizSpark members, Prateek Gupta, is heading to SXSW as we speak, on the Startup Bus. And he and a team of coders and hackers are working on a project called Coders without Borders, a riff on the Medicens Sans Frontiers project. He wants to make sure that everyone who can teach someone to code can find someone who wants to learn how to code. 

Want to help? Well, it starts here

thanks for being a good person, Prateek! 

Prateek is on the left. The other members of his team are on the right -- Reuben Lemmens; David Deghan; and Kate Scisel. 

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