Three Pieces of Advice from Tech Cocktail

Through our partnership with TechCocktail, we have three pieces of advice for entrepreneurs building their own companies. 


Alex Chang of One Technologies and his simple advice for entrepreneurs

Since 2000, Alex has amassed considerable entrepreneurial experience to share with others who are hoping to start their own companies. He says one of the biggest challenges he faced was finding a viable business model, as he and Roger went through several before landing on the one that finally worked for them. His advice? Just be willing to iterate quickly until you find the right model so you can put all your focus on it.

Another sound piece of advice Chang offers is to refrain from being a selfish entrepreneur. It’s not about doing what is best for your personally, it’s about doing what is best for your company.

However, Chang’s most important advice for success might surprise you in its simplicity. Watch the video below to see how it helped him take his company from the $1,800 he initially invested in One Technologies to the $200 million in revenue it currently generates each year.




Matt Brimer from General Assembly talks about the connection between education and community. This is one that is dear to our hearts at BizSpark, because we believe there is nothing more symbiotic than community and education.  There is no chicken before the egg, or egg before the chicken. This stuff happens all at once. Without education, you can't have a community. Without a community, you cannot sustain education as a force for change or creation.



The minimum viable product in a sustainable company 

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