We Are Doing Things With Founder Dating, So That You Can Find Your Co-Founder

We asked Jessica Alter, co-founder and Chief Connector of Founder Dating, to tell us what has happened to Founder Dating since she started it a couple of years ago. And we thought we would run this at the same time as we announced that we are working with Founder Dating in 18 cities across North America so that you can find quality, real co-founders for your startup. 

This post was written by Jessica Alter for Microsoft BizSpark.

One of the hardest parts of being an entrepreneur is getting started (even Jack Dorsey says so). A large part of getting started the right way is experimenting and doing it with the right people. But finding someone(s) who has complimentary skill sets but similar vision for culture and product, who is interested in similar concepts and is ready at the same time you are is no small feat. How many people do you know now that you could spend 80 hrs a week with? Yet, pretty much everyone agrees that team is one of the most important components to success. Enter FounderDating, a premier online network for entrepreneurs to connect and find co-founders and your partner.

Here's a graphic to explain how it works.

FounderDating has become known for having super impressive quality (they reference and screen everyone) and balance (50% engineers). But even more importantly, FounderDating is about the people. You don’t need an idea to apply - just be ready to start a serious side-project (think 10-15 hrs/wk).

FounderDating is live in 18 cities across North America. Apply Now


If you don’t see your city on this list, rally to unlock it!

Don’t wait to get started.


About FounderDating

FounderDating (FD) is an invite-only, online network for entrepreneurs to connect and find cofounders. What makes them different?


* High Quality - members are carefully screened for quality and readiness (no recruiters, etc.) Applications and members’ identities are confidential, but a few of the folks who are part of the network are former founders or early employees from: Stackmob, Gilt, Zynga, Loggly and Facebook just to name a few.

* Balanced - 50% engineering & 50% non-engineering


* Reach-- FD’s online network allows you to connect with people in your city and beyond to share ideas and begin building something you’re passionate about.


* No Idea Necessary - FD is about the people, so you don’t need to have an idea, just be ready to work on a serious side project


Call to Action

Upcoming Rounds: DC - apply by 11/28, SF, NYC, Austin, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Las Vegas, Norfolk, Portland, Toronto - deadlines fast approaching! Apply Now ->http://members.founderdating.com/application/   

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