Doing Stuff with TechCocktail — Be a Pal, Go Their Party at SXSW This Year

Many of you have probably heard of the great things that Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo do with TechCocktail, the rapidly growing entrepreneur evenings that are spreading across the nation. We certainly noticed them. That's why we recently partnered up with them to be at a few of their events. 

Tech Cocktail is a media company and events organization for startups, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts. Since 2006, its goal has been to amplify local tech communities and give entrepreneurs a place to get informed, get connected, and get inspired. Tech Cocktail dedicates itself to covering news, how-to’s, up-and-coming startups and industry trends online, as well as hosting events in over 20 cities in the US and abroad. Read Tech Cocktail at Follow @techcocktail on Twitter.

Here's a look at their schedule. We're really excited to be pairing up with them. 

Frank and team will be doing a party at SXSW this year (link takes you to Eventbrite page), and it will likely be an explosive expansion on what went on last year -- a celebration of startup life.

We suggest you stop by. It looks a little something like this video below. 

Who will be there? People like Tony Hsieh, founder of the Dowtown Project, for one, who showed up at the SXSW event TechCocktail did there last year. See below:

We look forward to seeing this partnership flourish. In the meantime, here is a list of links from one of TechCocktail's weekly emails. We suggest you sign up for that.

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