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You can find dozens of sites out there that talk about the financial and operational logistics of building a startup. Does anyone really know the answer? Yes, there are technical things that a business needs to run. But most great businesses grew out of moments of clarity and trial and error. Most great startups created their own models. And the components of those startups that led to that kind of development had a lot to do with design and community -- the way things look so that you know how to work them, and the way people behave around a cultural idea. 

We decided to put a meetup together around this idea. And it's happening in Mountain View on February 25 at 6pm. Read on to see the awesome roster of speakers, from Airbnb, Sumazi, Babelverse and Klout. And Microsoft. 

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Come to Mountain View and Microsoft's just opened BizSpark Lab to discuss business model generation for startups that depend on community and design to win customers and generate revenue.

We will be talking to a world class panel of Silicon Valley startup community managers and designers at this one of a kind kickoff to a monthly meetup series.

We will use hashtag #bzlabs to track the event on Twitter. And watch this space for our video stream, which will also track the event live.


Paulette Bleam, Director of Community, Sumazi

Sahana Ullagaddi, Community Manager, Klout

Jenna Meister, Community Development, Airbnb

Zachary Zorbas, Chief Designer and First Employee, Babelverse

Michael Staton, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Learn Capital


Moderated by:

Douglas Crets, Social Media Strategist and Community Manager, Microsoft BizSpark --a free software and support program for hackers, developers, founders and innovators created by Microsoft


The evening will be structured like this:

6:00pm -- Networking and refreshment

6:45pm -- Intro and panel discussion led by Douglas Crets

7:30pm -- Open Q&A period with audience of startup founders, designers, developers

8:00pm -- Networking and refreshment till we say its time to go home 🙂


For further details or to stay in the know, follow us on Twitter @BizSpark and join our Facebook Community at Http:// 

You can register here.


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