New Offer from RightScale Helps Startups Scale on Azure

Starting this evening, it is now possible for BizSpark startups to use RightScale to ramp up quickly on Windows Azure. If you haven't looked into Microsoft BizSpark yet, this would be a good time to do so. BizSpark gives young startups making less than one million dollars in revenue some free software and access to low-cost computing hours on Windows Azure.

We also offer hands-on support at many of the incubators and accelerators around the world. 

It's super simple to qualify. For more about the community of founders, engineers, and developers we serve, you should visit our Facebook page for BizSpark.  

RightScale Cloud Management is the bridge between your applications and your cloud infrastructure. The MultiCloud Platform provides a universal remote to conveniently access your public, private, and hybrid cloud resource pools from one Dashboard and API. The Configuration Framework provides intelligent cloud blueprints to configure and operate your servers in a dynamic and completely customizable fashion. The MultiCloud Marketplace™ provides a one-stop shop of cloud-ready components. The Automation Engine gives you the power to provision, monitor, scale, and manage entire server deployments efficiently and reliably. Governance Controls allow you to keep watch over access, security, auditing, reporting, and budgeting through a “single pane of glass” view.


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