Frametastic Ports from iOS to Windows 8 — Interview with BizSpark Startup Imaginary Feet Dev Emil Anticevic

Back in the early part of November, I cruised around San Francisco looking for developers to talk. I was introduced to Emil Anticevic, a developer working for Imaginary Feet. He was working at the time on one of the first Windows 8 apps that would go into the Windows Store. His team is run by Tom McLeod, a well-known developer in San Francisco. They are based out of RocketSpace on Fremont Street

This interview is from November 2. Frametastic launched in the App Store about three days ago. In the interview, you will see that the sharing function doesn't work when he hits the charm in the Windows 8 interface. We found out after I stopped the video that this was because he was unknowingly working with a version of the app that hadn't had the connection for sharing worked out. It works. 

Here's the full interview, which offers an honest view on working with Visual Studio. "It's a really good developing environment," says Anticevic. He says that it's a really easy interface to work with once you figure out the Windows 8 design. 

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