Now Hiring in Berlin: Will Pay in Club-Mate, Welcome to the Dark Side…Bakery

If you have ever worked on a startup in Berlin, then you have heard of Club-Mate.

This blog post is written by social media lead and editor Douglas Crets.

There are startups around the city that are posting job descriptions. In those descriptions, they are advertising that they may not be able to pay the developers, but they can certainly give them some energy drinks. This is true for at least one so far, check out CloudControl's call for a JAVA developer.

I larend about this from Thomas Ruland in the Facebook Group for Startups in Berlin. It's worth checking out this group, because you can get some great introductions from Berlin startup people there. 

I am in  Berlin to learn about some BizSpark companies and to have meetings with the developer evangelists that cover this huge booming capital of startups. One of them is Stephan Jacquemot, who is schooling me on some of the amazing stuff that Microsoft does with startups here. 

Stephan Jacquemot, Emerging Business Team Lead at Microsoft Germany

Stephan tells me that three of the evangelists have put their money and their work behind something called the Dark Side Bakery. This is wild. According to this article (original in German): "For two months [earlier in the year], the pop-up office in the loft works like a think tank for app development around Windows 8." Basically, they got some funding to host the Dark Side Bakery at this loft called Grunderloft, in Mitte, where they had wild parties, built apps for Windows 8, and seeded the city with their great technological prowess. Not your typical Microsoft seminar. I mean, just look at that logo. 

The Dark Side Bakery is the work of three developer evangelists in Germany. 

Quote from the article: 'Together with developers, startups and evangelists we want to develop apps and exchange ideas to" Stephan Jacquemot, Emerging Business Team Lead at Microsoft Germany. "Microsoft supports the development of the app market, an important future market, particularly for young entrepreneurs: Market research firm IDC predicts for 2015 roughly 183 billion downloads of apps."

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