fotojelly Is A PaaS for Your Photo-Sharing During Events

FotoJelly is a PaaS whose vision is to make it easier for people to share photos when participating in events & group activities. Our “secret sauce” is in how we incorporate context through location data and integration with event services to increase the value of our content to our user community in general, event hosts and marketers. Being in BizSpark, along with our participation in Founder Institute, accelerated our ability cost effectively deliver our first product, FotoJelly for Windows Phone, which was released July 12th


In addition to developing with Visual Studio, we use Azure & SQL Azure for data storage, hosting servers from a Microsoft partner (SingleHop) and Office 365 for email & collaboration. There are a lot of competing products that were made available to us, many of them at no cost. But the relatively seamless integration and our familiarity across the various platforms won us over.


And while we’ve had several mentors as well as potential investors question our decision to be “Windows First”, the development and cloud platforms have been advantageous in terms of finding great technical resources and iterating quickly. And, we believe that the devices we plan to support (Windows Phone 7/8, Xbox, Windows 8 Tablet) will require less effort to adopt technically (i.e., we can build off of what we’ve already coded). Combined with Microsoft’s expected marketing of Windows 8, I think we are making a good bet in riding that wave.


Currently, I’m bootstrapping the company, but have applied to both Bing Fund and the Azure Accelerator. The journey thus far has not been without challenges, but I’m super excited about what we’ve accomplished thus far and really appreciate the support BizSpark has given to the startup community.

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