This Year’s Olympics Will Be App-Ready

You're probably going to be at work for most of the Olympics, so how are you going to watch the Sychronized Swimming, or without ducking into the break room every fifteen minutes to get your 4X400 hurdles fix?

One of our BizSpark members, Intelli-Focus, has come out with an app called the OPlanner, and it makes the Olympic Games the Applympic Games (groan).  

With OPlanner you can discreetly watch streaming Olympic footage from your desk while you are filling out those TPS reports, or coming in on Saturday at around 10:30. The app is listed in the top ten in the sports category at the iTunes app store. 

Creative Commons License, courtesy of Paul Gaborit

Here's Bob Wall, CEO of Intelli-Focus, worked with 2 others to build this app last week to schedule the Olympics. You can find it at the iTunes app store, here.

The backend is using RESTful API's on Windows Azure and SQL Azure for the database, and the front-end is hands-down more beautiful and useful than any other apps out there.. 

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