BizSpark European Summit 2012 Finalists

JamPot have developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) product (TheAppBuilder) that enables anyone to create a mobile phone “app” for a fraction of the current developer fees. TheAppBuilder is a game-changing product as no technical skills are required. It’s a global market that’s growing exponentially. There is significant, growing early sales traction, with recurring revenue model, and highly scalable business. Recognized by Microsoft, Engadget, Fast Company & BBC as revolutionary!

Autitouch develops intuitive software to speedup diagnostics of autism. Autitouch was founded in 2010 by Freena Eijffinger, after she witnessed the long diagnostic evaluation trials for autism her younger brother went through. These trials are currently done by hand, which is labor intensive, error prone and subjective. A normal computer with upstanding monitor, a mouse and keyboard can’t be used, as this setup interferes with social interaction. Autitouch found a way using Microsoft Surface technology to work around these obstacles and offers 4 soon to be validated diagnostic tools that will change the diagnosis of autism forever.

Commerce Guys empowers e-Retailers through Drupal Commerce, a completely configurable open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and security. Nine months after the initial release, Drupal Commerce already empowers more than 14,000 eCommerce websites, like the Royal Mail and McDonalds and has received recognition from Gartner (Cool Vendor 2012).

Entetrainer develops mobile applications for sports brands helping ball sport players to realize their best potential by making training a fun and social experience. The first product is a speed radar app for hockey, which has been licensed to the NHL. The product is scalable for all major ball sports e.g. football and tennis. It also provides an innovative experience for sports leagues and equipment manufacturers to connect with their customers.

Fitting Reality brings innovation to the retail experience on a global scale through developing a virtual fitting room VIPodium. Its unique approach leverages technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Windows Azure to address the most critical issues the fashion industry faces today. For customers this means a unique controllable and interactive shopping experience solving their FIT/SUIT pain. For fashion brands and retailers this means an opportunity to boost profit margins, and challenge the very basics of retail industry through creating new standards and rules for fashion retail.

Foresight provides an innovative and unique cloud based solution for one-click cyber continuity. Using the Foresight solution, web site owners can now ensure cyber continuity with no interruption to the web site availability. In addition, Foresight offers an immediate response to website downtime, disaster recovery, peak-time load, distributed denial-of-service and cyber-attacks – using one integrated and cost effective solution.


miMedication is a web tool that enhances self-management for chronically ill people with a focus on asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). A key ingredient is the personal electronic health record, combined with patient education to inform patients about their medical condition. miMedication aims to provide early warning signals when patients are at risk, using data in their personal health record. By recording cough sounds, algorithms will identify variations in the acoustic parameters, which can be related to lung conditions. It is only by combining patient education with a personal health record, that patients can progress to self-management.

MobileBits is an independent developer for every platform with an AppStore (Windows 8, iOS, Android, WP7...). The 25-people-strong-team is based in Hamburg and Hannover, Germany and has been previously developing games for more than 15 years for PC, XBox360 and the PS3. MobileBits now fully concentrates on its own cross-platform technology Delta Engine and the games created with this technology.

theOblong takes complicated technology problems and delivers elegant, cost effective, easy to use software tools to the everyday user. We focus on conceiving, building and delivering disruptive software products: MapCite - an innovative set of web mapping tools that enable our clients to gather, visualize and interrogate location based data, generating extremely elegant and complex mapping quickly and efficiently. MatchCite - a highly innovative tool that brings Master Data Management and Data De-Duplication capability to the masses, enabling enterprises to significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs by creating a 'single version of truth' for customer data.

The multiplatform digital publishing solution. Paperlit is the easiest mobile and web publishing solution for traditional newspapers, magazines or catalogues. A beautiful and easy to use reading experience for readers and a great targeted platform for publishers. It provides publishers’ branded apps for Windows8, iOS, Android, Facebook and Web with easy integration of multimedia content, rss feeds, html5 content. The publisher can also easily integrate payment/billing and advertising system to monetize the content distributed via the branded apps.

Parking Defenders connects your smartphone with your car by providing access to a marketplace of parking spots, so that next time you are looking for one you don’t have to waste time and gas!

PlaceChallenge is location-based platform for outdoor games. The platform provides API for game developers and marketing agencies to create their own engaging scenarios. On top of that the PlaceChallenge company created two games:

- RunAway – people run around the city looking for a person with virtual coin. Everybody can take the coin from other players near to them and run away. To win you have to have the coin at the end of game.

- Tail – people run around a city creating a tail behind them. They need to block the road of the player competing against them. All games are connected with social networks.

Red Badger is a creative software company. The company is passionate about helping others to solve their complex problems using technology in innovative ways. Its strength is in rapid prototyping to “fail fast” and “fail cheaply” and the ability to convert prototypes to robust, scalable production products. Red Badger employs the best tools, best practices and agile methodologies to deliver the right solution. Its UCD approach to everything showcases great UX and design coupled with a meticulous approach to technical quality and attention to detail.

The Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder created Wunderlist and Wunderkit to build productivity software for everyone. Both products are growing exponentially worldwide and have attracted millions of users in 18 months. Wunderlist has been named App of the Year in Japan and both apps have been downloaded in over 100 countries around the globe. 6 Wunderkinder is supported by an experienced group of investors including Niklas Zennström’s Atomico.

xBrainSoft is a software editor born in 2006 in the incubator of Usilink Group, a leading ambient intelligence actor. xBrainSoft publishes the IAS development platform (Intelligent Agent Server), allowing all operators and application developers to create their own personal assistant like the Siri Apple solution on all mobiles and appliances (Cars, Homes, Enterprise Offices). xBrainSoft launched Angie in February, a personal assistant, for the Window Phone marketplace in France.

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