Rob Caron: Top Ten #Microsoft Developer Blog Posts for Monday

Thanks to Rob Caron for posting these great links for developers today. Keep coming back for this information if you are interested in developing on Windows devices or if you currently do develop using Microsoft products and software. 

  1. Jason Zander: April 27th What’s Happening Around Visual Studio
  2. Jon Galloway: Windows 8 and ASP.NET Web API - Part 1 - Getting Started
  3. LightSwitch Help Website: Using Visual Studio LightSwitch To Orchestrate A Unity 3D Game
  4. Eric Lippert: GUID guide, part two
  5. This Week on Channel 9: Windows 8 Release Preview, SkyDrive, PhoneGap Build and more
  6. Channel 9: Windows Azure App Scaling to Need
  7. Willy-P. Schaub: ALM Rangers switching to single TPC/TP and multiple Teams model
  8. Rubel S: Visual Studio 11 Beta–Test Agent needs to be installed on Test Controller box for Load Test
  9. Burrows: New MVVM Tutorial
  10. Vignesh C: Load Testing in cloud using Visual Studio

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