@HashTip Is a Way to Get Instantaneous Tips — and Coupons — When You are Out

Your friends are really good at telling you what to wear, or whether your hair looks good in the morning. Why wouldn't they be good at giving tips at all the places you need to go to, or for the restaurants you want to eat?  

HashTip gives you instantaneous tips for your day-to-day shopping, entertainment and excursion choices. They mine Facebook and Twitter and other social networks to figure out what your friends are saying about the places they visit and the things they do. This is another one of those "third parties" interfacing with the big social networks that have not solved their own social search issues. I love where this is going. Soon we are going to have a whole rash of third party apps that will help me solve this tremendous deluge of friend sharing and voyeurism and let me do something with it.  

We found HashTip at DEMO2012 and we realized after talking to the CEO Roshit Vashisht that this would be a more amenable and avuncular version of the Michelin Guide.


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