#Demo2012 — Patience, Fortitude and Context

Context Matters
Matt Marshall jumps on stage and talking quickly and with gusto talks about his global jaunt looking for the best companies. He mentions Israel and says "context matters." He talks about Israelis being a little frustrated because they live in a small country and are eager to sell quickly to get to cash. 
Fair enough. I went to Israel and met with the team from Soluto and learned that what they have more than anything is a cohesive culture. men and women serve in the military. Tel Aviv has a very rich coffee and cafe culture. People are bonded. This makes sense why they are so successful. 
VCs see this and want to be involved. "Venture firms are competing with each other to be entrepreneur friendly," says Matt Marshall. They see the long game. Even other industries do.  "You've got enlightened lawyers." 
Patience resounds with me. He talks about OMGPop and Facebook and Path and talks about how people are being patient, and growing.
each one of these entrepreneurs had amazing restraint in some way," though eeryone talks about making a business investment in three days. 
Two hours to perfectly round the edges of their app.
Crafting and creating a culture, and an art form. Patience. 
when you are launching your company, you have to activate your nework, to make you are getting to the forefront. 

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