Calling all MEGA Startup Weekenders!

By Claire Lee

The Windows team is in town this week from rainy Redmond to give you world-class, expert training on how to build Windows 8 apps that rock!

If you haven’t heard, Windows 8 is currently in preview and is going to be the next version of Windows that runs great on tablets, laptops, desktops and more… so if you have already signed up for Mega and fancy coming in a bit earlier on the Friday afternoon, we’re running a really cool session specially for Bay Area developers at our place, from 3 to 5pm.

Sign up here  (scroll down to view Friday sessions).

The training will give you an overview of Windows 8, including demos, the business opportunity and developer platform before getting straight into hands-on building apps coached by experts from the Windows team. You’ll also hear advice and insights from a startup in the Valley that recently built an app for Windows 8 and had it published to the Windows Store – they’ll tell you why they decided to build an app and how they did it.

The Windows Store will be the only way that users can download the new style, touch friendly apps and since it’s early, now is the time to take first-mover advantage and get your app in the Store!

Of course, we’ll be sticking around to help mentor at the Mega Startup Weekend (Mobile track) and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have about Windows 8. Come and find us.

Register Now for bonus Friday training, as seats will go fast. 

You can still register for the weekend too. See you at Mega!

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