Seedcamp Visits Microsoft Silicon Valley

Blog by Claire Lee :

As part of their annual USA trip, Seedcamp visited the Microsoft SV offices on Monday last to hear more about BizSpark Plus, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and our business apps portfolio (Dynamics ERP and CRM). Dynamic Duo on Windows Phone Ben Riga and Kevin Ashley did a ‘deep dive’ – resulting in multiple requests from Seedcamp staff and companies to provide them a new Nokia phone.

John Alioto had a queue of folks wanting to touch his tablet and play with what several companies remarked on as “impressive” Windows 8

And finally, Rodney Bowen-Wright exposed more opportunities for high-potential startups looking to integrate with Dynamics ERP and CRM and aspire to BizSpark One status.

On the East Coast, during the first week of their visit, Microsoft were around in both NYC and Boston – thanks to Sumit, Abby and Walter. From the West Coast, they went to Seattle and a visit to Redmond to hear from more folks in Microsoft Corp Dev, Windows Azure, and Bing Maps – topped off with lunch at the Microsoft Museum and store vouchers to aid any purchasing. The Seedcamp gang are now enjoying a very wet Austin and SxSW.   

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