Microsoft names ASU Venture Catalyst and ASU Edson Accelerator as BizSpark Network Partners

By Brett Laffel

Microsoft will be adding Arizona State University (ASU) Venture Catalyst and ASU Edson Student Entrepreneur Accelerator into the BizSpark Network Partner program. BizSpark Network Partners share Microsoft’s passion for driving the success of software startups through mentoring, networking, business advice, financial assistance, and peer connections. Network Partners know the startup environment and understand what it takes to succeed. As Network Partners, Venture Catalyst and the Edson Accelerator will be able to nominate startups into the Bizspark Plus Program. The BizSpark Plus program is an extension of the BizSpark Program, designed to provide high potential startups with additional offers, products and services from Microsoft. Through this offer, startups will get up to $60,000 of value over two years*, which will include all the Windows Azure a startup needs to run their business for the first year and 50% off Windows Azure retail for the second year.

ASU Venture Catalyst equips high potential startups for success.  The Catalyst assists university students, faculty and staff, as well as local and global companies, with launching startups or accelerating existing ventures.  Based at ASU SkySong, The Catalyst offers investor connections, technology road maps, go-to-market strategy consulting, mentoring opportunities, and several other programs and services, all designed to identify and develop investment-grade companies.

The Edson Accelerator provides funding, office space, and guidance to teams of students within all university disciplines. This accelerator gives student entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop their innovative ideas and launch viable businesses.  As an integral program of ASU Venture Catalyst, students in the Edson accelerator have access to seasoned entrepreneurs, industry mentors, and other Catalyst programs that enable them to advance enterprise.

ASU SkySong impacts local, state and international economies by engaging the University with businesses and governments to drive economic development and global enterprise. ASU SkySong helps grow the economy through launching and accelerating new companies and promoting use inspired research.  ASU SkySong, and the dozens of emerging innovation driven companies located there, are dedicated to positively impacting the economies of the state and country for years to come.

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