StartupWeekend Haifa

Guest Blog: Gilad Steinberger, Microsoft Israel



I just finished Startup Weekend Haifa.


What a great event. It was amazing! Watch the video here.


54 hours of innovation and networking, 125 attendees, a mix of developers, UX designers, marketing specialists and startup enthusiasts. It started with 45 Ideas which generated 11 groups, eventually 1 winner was chosen.


The Projects:

1.    CollecTVise - Sharing of live music streams.

2.    Vicoboo - Visual cookbook application.

3.    Commentivity - Adding visual tools to internet talkbacks (e.g. color).

4.    Where Is It? - Location based service to help you find places.

5.    Locification - Toolkit to help build location based mobile services.

6.    Pick It Up - File sharing application for students.

7.    Video Chef - Interactive, step-by-step cooking.

8.    Wherenty - Universal Warranty Application – tracks your warranties.

9.    FollowApp - Reconnecting to friends via automated SMS.

10. Seemple - Distribute presentations in real-time to mobile devices.

11. Batterz - Trading my junk for your junk.



The Winners:

Locification - watch their pitch

Thank You to Code Value –Microsoft partner and mentor for Windows Phone and Azure and Newsgeek – thank you for organizing this great event.



The SW Haifa Video:



Published: 11/22/2011 2:36 PM
Tag: GEW

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