Happy #GEW2011

This week’s celebration of all things entrepreneurship has gotten off to a flying start. Read more on our special GEW page.


Yesterday we announced new partnerships with Founder Institute and RocketSpace, and today we have GEW news from our colleagues in Europe and new offers for BizSpark startups from Elance, Simplifilm and Syncfusion. 


Startup Weekend are aiming to break a record with more than 50 events happening over the week and Microsoft mentors are at more than 20 of those, jumping on planes and trains all over the planet. We’ll be posting some news from these over the course of this week. We’ll also feature more of our partnerships and some announcements in the coming days.


Have fun out there and let us know what you’re doing via our BizSpark Facebook page, and with #bizspark and #GEW tags on the blogosphere!

Published: 11/15/2011 3:56 PM
Tag: GEW

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