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Greetings from the Startup America HD Lounge at #DEMOcon


Over 2,300 organisations worldwide count themselves as Network Partners, and this community of incubators, investors, accelerators, advisors, government agencies, mentoring groups, hosters - all involved in supporting software-fueled innovation and the next generation of technology entrepreneurs – have helped us reach and support a critical mass of over 42,000 startups in BizSpark in over 100 countries.


Today we are shining a bit of a spotlight on our partnerships that help fuel the success of BizSpark, and of technology entrepreneurs everywhere.


We’re embarking on a really exciting partnership with the Founder Institute supporting their work in the US and farther afield in places in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Find out more about them here.  



Startup Weekend to Tuesday at Demo


There’s a huge buzz in the market, and this week hundreds of entrepreneurs with early stage startups pitch their ideas, here at #DEMOcon and up 101 at TC #DisruptSF while Startup America and Startup Weekend folks recover from an incredible 54 hours MEGA weekend of idea generation, creation and build – resulting in: 

  • More than 300 people meeting up at Microsoft Mountain View 9-11 Sept to create companies
  • In the Education Vertical: 30 Ideas Pitched and 14 Final teams – Winning team @classparrot
  • In the Gaming Vertical: 29 Ideas Pitched and 9 Final teams – Winning team @Gablinga
  • In the Health Vertical: 36 Ideas Pitched and 12 Final teams – Winning team @LiveHomeFree

These 3 winning teams, fresh from creating a brand new business, get to pitch at #DEMOcon tomorrow afternoon. More on those soon.


New startups rely on the help and support from a huge range of organizations and a lot of those are working together to bring more resources and services to help startups:


Gust Investor Relations Platform Powers International Startup Financing


We all know how critical access to capital is for early stage companies.


This morning at #DEMOcon, Angelsoft unveiled their new platform – check out the new, free tools for entrepreneurs at which is a result of more than seven years of market and business development in the investment community under the Angelsoft brand. Gust launched today as the official investor relations platform of over 15 national and international investor associations, 150 venture capital funds, 600 business angel groups and 35,000 accredited angel investors. More than 125,000 entrepreneurs have already used the platform to create detailed profiles to share with potential investment partners.


BizSpark startups can access the Gust platform easily through our program offer here.


Startup America


Scott Case, CEO, said “Startup America Partnership is focused on young companies that have their sights set on serious growth. As one of our partners, Gust provides these job-creators access to capital through angel and VC investment sources, combined with education and collaboration tools.”


On stage at #DEMOcon this morning, both Dan’l Lewin from Microsoft and Adeo Ressi, Founder Institute, were full of praise for what David Rose and his team have built. Check out all the news from Startup America just announced – their platform is open for business so startups can start to avail of all the various partner offers, and they welcome Dell, among others, to the list of partner sponsors.


“Since our launch at the White House in January, we’ve been delighted by how the private sector has stepped up and committed resources that will accelerate the growth of America’s young companies,” said Scott Case, CEO of the Startup America Partnership. “We’re excited to now provide direct access to these amazing offerings that will help maximize the success of startups.”


Published: 9/13/2011 2:30 PM

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