The Final Five – And The Winner Is…….?

Numenus from Germany kicked off the final round of pitches with funky Elvis.


They have breakthrough rendering technology – turning CAD data into 2D photorealistic images in a fraction of the time previously possible. Much of the process is automated too. Good news for the automotive, building and movie industries. Turning CAD data into computer-generated (CG) images – known as ‘ray tracing’ – is complex and time-consuming. It can take several days to render a car model into an image, with lots of manual input needed. Numenus RenderGin takes CAD data and turns into CG images in a fraction of the time (two days to a few hours, or with a very simple product – like a toothbrush – a few minutes). Oliver did a great job.


Weplay from Madrid are so far self-funded and are now looking for external investment to help them grow. They’re mixing crowd sourcing with crowd funding thus helping music projects come to fruition. There are 13 million music bands on the web and only 4,000 are associated to a label. They want to connect artists and bands with suppliers, investors and fans.’s CEO believes that this is the first one focused purely on the music industry and is very much a collaboration with musicians, who had direct input into the features and functionality of the service. 


Next up – Biztelligence from Switzerland, with web-like analytics tool with a solution called TrueSense for offline retailers, with motion sensing software that invisibly tags supermarket shoppers. It can even distinguish between male and female shoppers via the software heatmaps. The power of digital analytics brought to the in-store experience, giving retailers sophisticated information about customer behaviour that can be mapped against key performance indicators (KPIs) to make faster, smarter decisions. We “make high performance computing (HPC) as easily available as plugging into a socket to access the electricity grid”.


Penultimate Pitch

Techila from Finland has middleware between private and public cloud – giving the user who requires computational power high performance and technical computing (HPTC). Customers benefit from development time being cut from months to hours, without needing to make major investments in HPTC themselves. The concept of distributed computing is not unique, but as IDC has observed, Techila has the advantage of a proven track-record. VP Sales Tuomas Eerola said “We’re not just talking about it, we’re doing it –and for some pretty large organisations too”. Typical customers  for this patent-pending solution are life sciences and pharmaceutical, financial services and academia:  in other words, all environments needing huge volumes of computer processing


The Dead Zone

Could Datahug from Ireland rescue us from the onset of jet lag and indifference? Answer: Yes! Their solution is unlocking social connections within the Enterprise. The judges compared them to Xobni and Connor Murphy did a great job fielding questions. He said his co-founder Ray Smith co-founder had his first exit at 17 and has had some awesome engineering patents some of which are powering jets we flew in on. Underachiever. Connor says “It’s all about finding out who knows who and – most importantly who knows them best.”  DataHug unlocks the value in business relationships between other individuals, helping people to find and contact the best person quickly and with minimal effort.  “For example, you might get hold of someone’s name by reading an article about them and with DataHug, you can find out whether one of your colleagues in another office or country knows them well and ask them to make an introduction for you”. Go guys. Good luck.


…..AND THE WINNER IS…. from Russia took the People’s Choice Award

Here are the Top Three –

3rd           Binary Bio

2nd          Techila and

1st           …. *drumroll*.. MOPAPP!!!!!!!!!!!!


What an awesome day. Congrats everyone who took part.

Published: 6/14/2011 9:16 AM

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