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Microsoft is in the midst of its biggest transition since inception with movement of products and services to the cloud. One of the central components of its SaaS strategy, is the introduction of a new business applications development layer which makes it easier and faster for developers to build and deploy business and vertical applications leveraging core platform assets like .NET, Windows Azure, Office and other business platforms. Developers can expose their solutions through an Outlook interface with potential visibility to hundreds of millions of consumers who currently use Microsoft Office today.

In parallel, Microsoft has also released a Dynamics Marketplace which will be a central location for Microsoft’s customers to find, download, try and purchase SaaS business applications, and for businesses to list their completed solutions. It is also the central place for Microsoft sales teams to look for potential partners to jointly go to market with. Access to the Microsoft sales force has historically been the most time consuming, costly and most difficult step in the lifecycle of most startups. The new model makes it simpler than it has ever been for startups to get market and sales activation. To this end Microsoft is seeking innovative vertical and horizontal business solutions across vertical areas like Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and others. Microsoft has developed training resources, videos and useful content to assist software companies accelerate their development and get listed in the Marketplace. To access resources please follow the following instructions:

(1) Step One – Update Your Profile On BizSpark

(2) Step Two – Learn about the new Dynamics Business Applications Framework

(3) Step Three – Please send an email to georgemo@microsoft.com cc robowri@microsoft.com indicating your interest to assist navigate additional resources

(4) Step Four – Test Your Solution and Get Listed in the Marketplace

See also a FAQ list of most common questions in my prior blog

Published: 5/12/2011 4:21 PM

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