MyWebCareer Session at MIX11

Yesterday at MIX11, Nip Zalavadia from MyWebCareer gave a great overview of how they used Azure to build their startup. Check it out...

Windows Azure from Startup to Scale

As a consumer web startup, you spend a significant portion of your time raising awareness of your brand and driving traffic to your site. But, what happens when you succeed? How do you scale instantly from on-boarding 1 new user an hour to 1 new user every 5 seconds? MyWebCareer operates one of the most sophisticated and complex platforms on Windows Azure. For each new users that registers, our data discovery engine runs dozens of searches in real-time against 10 different 3rd party API’s. Add to this the subsequent data normalization, entity, link and semantic analysis and career scoring and you have a platform that requires some pretty hefty processing power. Learn how MyWebCareer found out at 6pm on a Thursday night in March 2011 that they’re on the front page of and how they scaled within 20 minutes to support the resulting spike in traffic and data processing.

If you're interested in learning more about MyWebCareer, you can also check out the Case Study we linked to recently.

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