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I just found out that Microsoft has completed a case study on MyWebCareer. MyWebCareer is one of the BizSpark One companies that I work closely with on the East Coast. This is an awesome story of how a startup can build a business in Azure that would have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars and many times the staff just ten years ago.

So enjoy the case study and give their service a try. It’s very cool.

Web Startup Saves $305,000, Sees Ever-Ready Scalability—Without Having to Manage IT

Like many a startup, MyWebCareer had big dreams, but limited means. But unlike many a startup, MyWebCareer is turning its dreams into reality, despite its constraints. The tipping point: the Windows Azure platform for cloud computing and Microsoft BizSpark program for startup success. MyWebCareer saved about U.S.$305,000 over the cost of building and running its own data center; it has scalability “on a moment’s notice;” and Windows Azure relieves MyWebCareer of its IT burden.

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