Windows Phone 7 Development Steps

Joe Healy has a great post up with some instructions for getting started with Windows Phone 7 development. Well worth a bookmark:

7 Steps to Get You Going on Windows Phone 7 Dev
Posted on 8/9/2010 2:34:05 PM

Windows Phone 7 is hot right now, and I'm getting a ton of Qs on how to get started. Many different ways you could approach present themselves, but what's the best? Actually, I don't know but here's DevFish's Top 7 Steps to Windows Phone 7 Development ...

  1. INSTALL THE DEVTOOLS - easy enough. Click once on the installer and down come all the goodies, including Expression Blend for WP7 and VS2010 Express for WP7. Click on "Download the Developer Tools" here , and while you're at it, explore some of the other links
  2. WORK THROUGH THE TRAINING KIT - The WP7 Training Kit is a fine piece of work (if you're like me and love Hands On Labs to plod through at your own pace). Seven Hands-On-Labs covering basics, navigation, controls, push notifications, game dev with XNA, launchers, tombstoning, and more.  Download from here .
  3. READ PETZOLDs FREE EBOOK - Over 11 Chapters (and growing) of top notch "petzold-level-content" with source code even - Charles, I promise I'm buying a copy when it comes out - well worth downloading and printing (pine trees are a renewable resource) - find it here .

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