SSMA @TechEd Video

SSMA session from North America TechEd is now available from Channel 9. 


Auto generate link table when migrating access database using SSMA

[Updated: 2/9/2012 Selina Jia] SSMA provide an option to automatically create a link table for every table it moves to SQL Server. This is a useful functionality to allow all forms, reports, and query that refers to the table still work after the data move to SQL Server. You can select the option to create…


Migrating Access Jet Databases to SQL Azure

In this blog, I’ll describe how to use SSMA for Access to convert your Jet database for your Microsoft Access solution to SQL Azure. This blog builds on Access to SQL Server Migration: How to Use SSMA using the Access Northwind 2007 template. The blog also assumes that you have a SQL Azure account setup…


Access to SQL Server Migration: Access Solutions using SQL Server, Part 2

By Mary Chipman In Part 2 I’ll continue the discussion about how you can "tread lightly" on your SQL Server by making your Access front end an efficient and economical data consumer. I’ll focus on techniques you can use to keep your application running efficiently, freeing up network and server resources in the process. Moving…


Access to SQL Server Migration: Access Solutions using SQL Server, Part 1

By Mary Chipman In Part 1 and Part 2 I’ll discuss your options for continuing to use Access as a front-end client once you have migrated the data to SQL Server. Some people come to SQL Server migration as Access developers who are new to SQL Server, whereas others may be IT professionals who know…


Access to SQL Server Migration: Understanding Data Type Conversions

By Mary Chipman Overview In this blog post I’ll discuss how you can use the SSMA Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA) to refine data type mappings between Access and SQL Server, but first a little history lesson. You can think of Access as two separate products rolled into one: the relational database engine, Jet, consisting…


Access to SQL Server Migration: Handling Schema Migration Issues

By Mary Chipman Overview In this blog post I’ll discuss some of the data migration issues you may encounter when migrating your Access schema to SQL Server. These consist of issues that you should address prior to migrating your data, and others are behavioral differences that you should be aware of. In my experience, it’s…


Video: Introduction to SSMA

This video introduces SSMA tool including how to download and install as well as provide quick tour of SSMA user interface: Check out the other videos in this series: Introduction to SSMA Planning Your Database Migration Analyzing Database Using SSMA Converting Schema to SQL Server Migrating Data Using SSMA Automating Database Migration Using SSMA Console…


Access to SQL Server Migration: How to Use SSMA

[Updated 2/7/2012 Selina Jia- Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Access v5.2.  The information provided below is still valid for SSMA for Access v5.2.  Users should download the lastest SSMA for Access] In this blog post I’ll walk you through the process of migrating the Access 2007 Northwind database to SQL Server using the SQL Server…


"End of Support" for Older SSMA v4.0 family of Products

[ Updated: 2/8/2012 Selina Jia] Microsoft would like to inform customers that support for SSMA v4.0 family of products (including SSMA Extension Packs) is going to end on October 30th 2011. Following are the products in SSMA v4.0 family for which this “End of Support” notice is applicable: 1.       SQL Server Migration Assistant 2005 for…