Improving Performance of SSMA Migration Assessment

When performing migration assessment for a large schema (with thousands of objects), you can use the following to help improve performance:

  1. Run SSMA application on hardware with x64 bit Windows and memory of at least 4 GB.
  2. Force load the schema information prior performing migration assessment. SSMA, by default, perform “lazy loading” operation by reading minimum schema information from the source database when connecting. During the assessment or conversion operation, it requests additional information to the source database “on-demand”. For full assessment of the entire schema, this results in multiple requests to the server. Depending on the network latency and server status at the time of the request, this may results in significant addition to the time it takes to perform assessment.

To fully load the schema, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create/Open SSMA project
  2. Connect to the source database
  3. Save project


  1. Specify schema(s) to load and save (note: in addition to the schema you want to perform assessment, you must also include all others you refer in your schema, including (for Oracle) SYS and SYSTEM)


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