MySQL to SQL Server 2008 Migration Workshop Video

The following are workshop video series for migrating from MySQL to SQL Server 2008:

 Getting Started with SSMA for MySQL

This video covers step-by-step instructions on how to install and get up and running with the SSMA tool for MySQL.

Note: The video was recorded with SSMA CTP1 version. The full release version of the tool is now available and can be downloaded from here.

Migrating Database Objects

This video covers the steps involved when migrating database objects (Tables and Indices) from MySQL to SQL . 

Migrating Data

This video covers the process of moving data from MySQL to SQL Server 2008 once the database structure has been migrated. 

Note: SSMA includes an option to do partial data migration. See  this blog article on how to modify the sql statement to specify subset of data to be migrated (the article uses Oracle as an example, but you can use the same steps to customize on SSMA for MySQL).

Common Migration Issues

This video covers common migration issues that a developer may encounter when they migrate from MySQL to SQL Server 2008.

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