United States map in XAML

I worked on a little toy project on the side for which I needed a XAML map of the United States; however, I could not find such a thing myself. After looking through a few options I ruled out making a SVG to XAML converter, as I suck too much with XSLT. So instead, I traced a map of the united states from an image state by state. End result is attached for your consumption.

 I will continue working with this XAML by making it interactive with some JavaScript thanks to WPF/E (Silverlight).


Comments (4)

  1. Now this is pretty cool and not something you will see every day. In fact I actually haven’t seen a map

  2. tvanfleet says:

    Actually I have been looking at using maps within Silverlight for a few months.  The way I pulled the map in was:

    1.  Take a SVG map and then convert it WMF.  

    2.  Open the WMF file in Expression Design and export to XAML.  

    Also whats pretty interesting is taking ESRI files and converting them to WMF to pull in.  I see a lot of potential for XAML in geospatial functions.

  3. Tom says:

    What kind of license are you publishing this under?  Are we free to make use of this in our own commercial applications without restriction?



  4. Jitin says:


    I need a US xaml map, XAML map of all states divided by counties and XAML map of all counties.

    Please help me out

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