Operationalize your machine learning project using SQL Server 2016 SSIS and R Services

With the release of CTP3 SQL Server 2016 and its native In-database support for the open source R language (SQL Server R Services), users can now call both R and RevoScaleR functions and scripts directly from within a SQL query and benefit from multi-threaded and multi-core in-DB computations. The R integration brings the utility of…


Error Column Improvements for SSIS Data Flow (Updated for RC2)

Most of the SSIS data flow components allow customers to log the rows with errors to a dedicated error output, which can help customers to investigate and diagnose the root cause of the error. Error output has two 4-byte int columns (ErrorCode and ErrorColumn), which indicate the error code and the id of the error column….


Welcome to the official SSIS blog!

Hi all, welcome to this new official SSIS blog! We will be using this new blog site going forward to share information, tips and ideas about SSIS publicly here. We will keep the old blog site (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mattm) alive but we will not posting to the old site anymore. Any new blog post will be done via…