Lookup transformation with Always Encrypted

There might be times when developing a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that you want to perform a lookup in order to supplement or validate the data in you data flow. A lookup lets you access data related to your current dataset without having to create a special structure to support that access. The…


SSIS with Always Encrypted

The released SQL Server 2016, currently available as Community Technology Preview , and Azure SQL Database introduced Always Encrypted, a new security feature that ensures sensitive data is never seen in plaintext in a SQL Server instance or in Azure SQL Database . Always Encrypted ensures sensitive data remains encrypted while in use. It works by transparently…


Error Column Improvements for SSIS Data Flow (Updated for RC2)

Most of the SSIS data flow components allow customers to log the rows with errors to a dedicated error output, which can help customers to investigate and diagnose the root cause of the error. Error output has two 4-byte int columns (ErrorCode and ErrorColumn), which indicate the error code and the id of the error column….


SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Preview update for August 2015 is available for download

 This release is the first in the following ways: 1.First release of SSDT that includes all the BI tools like IS, AS, RS (AS/RS will come later) 2.First release of IS designer public preview for sql server 2016. 3.First release of IS designer that is independent from AS/RS installation. 4.First lighter weight installer instead of…


Data Preparation for Azure Machine Learning using SSIS

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning enables businesses to perform cloud-based predictive analytics to understand what their data means. Machine learning algorithms learn from data. It is critical that you feed them the right data for the problem you want to solve. Such data can be business transactional data or sensitive business data that is either on-premises…


Doing more with SQL Server Integration Services Feature Pack for Azure

More and more of businesses are either storing or manipulating some, if not all, of their data in the cloud. We learnt from our customers that they would prefer to leverage their existing on-premises ETL investment while seeking low cost solution to access and integrate data in the cloud. SQL Server Integration Services Feature Pack…


Welcome to the official SSIS blog!

Hi all, welcome to this new official SSIS blog! We will be using this new blog site going forward to share information, tips and ideas about SSIS publicly here. We will keep the old blog site (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mattm) alive but we will not posting to the old site anymore. Any new blog post will be done via…