Schema Compare Improvements

Schema Compare is an incredibly useful tool, providing a visual head over SSDT’s model differencing and update engine.  It can be used to compare any combination of database, project or dacpac, and allows selective update of the target schema (via an update script in the case of a dacpac).   We’ve made some significant changes to the… Read more

SQL Azure Federations and SSDT

SQL Azure has recently introduced support for federated databases which enables an elastic scale-out solution in the cloud.  SQL Azure Federations introduces new syntax and management behaviors that are not currently supported by SSDT.  Support for federated databases will be added in a future release of SSDT.  Until that time, use of SSDT with SQL… Read more

Where’s my SSDT?

“I just installed SSDT but can’t find it!”  If this sounds like you, read on…  If you installed SSDT in the stand-alone shell you should have no problems- confusion sometimes occurs when SSDT is installed into an existing VS2010 Pro or Ultimate installation, where SSDT installs alongside the existing database project templates and tools.  In… Read more