SQL Server Data Tools 16.4 Release

The SQL Server Data Tools team is pleased to announce an update for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is now available. The SSDT 16.4 release adds support for Schema Compare in SqlPackage.exe and as an API, Integrated Workspace Mode for SSDT Tabular, and as usual has various bug fixes. Update: SSDT 16.4.1 Hotfix release is available…. Read more

Schema Compare in SqlPackage and the Data-Tier Application Framework (DACFx)

In the most recent version of SqlPackage.exe and the Data-Tier Application Framework (DACFx), we have introduced some new functionality: Schema Compare! A couple of years ago we added MSBuild support for Schema Compare.  We’ve now extended that support to SqlPackage.exe and DACFx. SqlPackage.exe SqlPackage.exe’s Publish and Script actions now accept Schema Compare (.scmp) files created by Visual… Read more

MSBuild support for Schema Compare is available

Schema compare is one of the most important Visual Studio SQL Server tooling components. As of our July release the schema compare functionality is available via MSBuild. It can be run from the command line or as an integrated part of automated project build systems to detect changes and generate reports. Supported versions SQL Server… Read more

Optimizing Scripts for Faster Incremental Deployment

Incremental deployment is the process of updating an existing database with new changes that were made by the developer in SSDT. Below we show you a tip on how to speed up incremental deployment by storing your scripts in their canonical form. Background SQL Server stores scripts in canonical form to have a standardized way… Read more

Composite Projects and Schema Compare

Several questions have been raised on the forum regarding use of composite projects.  This post discusses composite projects in general and then describes a technique you can use with Schema Compare for synchronizing composite projects with changes that have been made to the database. Composite Projects 101 SSDT can combine a database project with one… Read more

Schema Compare Improvements

Schema Compare is an incredibly useful tool, providing a visual head over SSDT’s model differencing and update engine.  It can be used to compare any combination of database, project or dacpac, and allows selective update of the target schema (via an update script in the case of a dacpac).   We’ve made some significant changes to the… Read more