Presentation: Best Practices for multi-environment database development

A few months ago our team presented at the SQLBits XIV conference. The topic was Best Practices for multi-environment database development. The full video can be found on the SQLBits site and is a very informative presentation. The topics covered include: Using the new deployment options to exclude or not drop users,  Using Composite Projects to support defining… Read more

DacFx Public Model Tutorial

Recently there has been an increasing interest in extending the capabilities of SSDT and DacFx. The walkthrough guides for creating new build and deployment contributors and database unit test conditions are a useful start in exploring the tools, but they only scratch the surface of what’s possible. They also don’t really show the best practices… Read more

Optimizing Scripts for Faster Incremental Deployment

Incremental deployment is the process of updating an existing database with new changes that were made by the developer in SSDT. Below we show you a tip on how to speed up incremental deployment by storing your scripts in their canonical form. Background SQL Server stores scripts in canonical form to have a standardized way… Read more