Where’s my SSDT?

“I just installed SSDT but can’t find it!”  If this sounds like you, read on…  If you installed SSDT in the stand-alone shell you should have no problems- confusion sometimes occurs when SSDT is installed into an existing VS2010 Pro or Ultimate installation, where SSDT installs alongside the existing database project templates and tools.  In… Read more

SQL Server Developer Tools, Code-named "Juneau", CTP3 is finally released to the public!

Today is a big day for the team: we are proud to announce that SQL Server Developer Tools, code-named “Juneau”, CTP3 is finally available to the public! To prepare for this launch, we have completedly revamped our MSDN Data Developer Center. You can click the big “Get It” button to use WebPI to install our bits…. Read more

Watch these videos of Juneau in action!

SQL Server Developer Tools, codename ‘Juneau” has been presented to various audiences in multiple events recently. Here’s a list of all the videos for your viewing pleasure! NEW: TechEd North America 2011 Mark Wilson-Thomas was interviewed during TechEd and talked about the value proposition of Juneau. In this demo, Bill Gibson and Mark Wilson-Thomas describe how… Read more


Welcome to the SQL Server Developer Tools, Codename “Juneau” team blog! In this initial blog post, we want to give you a general idea of what our product offers. Stay tuned as we roll out more posts in the near future. We look forward to your feedback via this blog as we progress through the… Read more