CTP4 Installation Issue with VS2010 Service Pack 1

Since the release of SSDT CTP4, we have become aware of an installation issue dealing with Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1. We are working on a fix, but below is a temporary workaround that can be employed to successfully install SSDT CTP4. Symptom: When attempting to install SSDT, you will receive an error, stating… Read more

SQL Server Data Tools CTP4 (SSDT) download available for all languages

SSDT CTP4 is now available for download in our full language set.  Download links are available directly on our download site. This page can also be reached through the SQL Server 2012 RC0 Installation Center.  If you have already installed SQL Server 2012 RC0 with the SQL Server Data Tools feature, then the SQL Server Database… Read more

Download Available: SQL Server Data Tools CTP4 (SSDT)

We are happy to announce that SQL Server Data Tools CTP4 (SSDT) is now available for download here! This release is fully integrated and compatible with SQL Server 2012 RC0. Please note that due to continued propagation problems, we are only able to provide the release for the EN-US locale at this time. We are continuing… Read more

What is SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)?

  What is SQL Server Data Tools? SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is a toolset that allows professional database and application developers to carry out all their database design work for SQL Server and SQL Azure within Visual Studio. SSDT provides a rich SQL Server development experience with first class language services and VS integration,… Read more

What’s new in SQL Server Data Tools CTP4?

    Today, the SQL Server Data Tools team is proud to announce the public release of SSDT CTP4 (formerly SQL Server Developer Tools, Code-name “Juneau”)! This newest version, CTP4, can be downloaded here.This marks another milestone in delivering a first-class developer experience for Microsoft SQL Server. After the CTP3 release this summer, we received a… Read more

Uninstalling SQL Server Developer Tools CTP3 (Code-named “Juneau”)

If you have previously installed SQL Server Developer Tools, CTP3 Code-named “Juneau”  and are wanting to upgrade to the SSDT CTP4 bits released today, this post will provide the necessary steps to totally remove CTP3 from your machine. Keep in mind that it is recommended that you start using CTP4 from a machine that has… Read more

SQL Server Data Tools CTP4 vs. VS2010 Database Projects

The table below provides a comparison between the feature set of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) CTP4 and that of the existing Visual Studio 2010 Database Projects (VSDB). To see an enumeration of common project conversion issues and their workarounds, please see the “Top VSDB->SSDT Project Conversion Issues” blog post. SSDT can be used side-by-side… Read more

Top VSDB->SSDT Project Conversion Issues

This post is a guide to some of the more common problems that can be encountered when converting an existing VS2010 Database Project (VSDB) to an SSDT project. Possible solutions and workarounds are included where applicable. If you encounter a problem that is not addressed here, please post to the forum and the team will… Read more