Connecting Project Server with SQL Analysis Services from External Domain.


Domain A
Server A - Project server and Web Server
Server B- SQL Analysis Services server

Domain B
Clients  / Users
Users accessing Project Server via. HTTP

Domain Relationship
Both the domains (Domain A & B) are on Intranet but don’t have any trust.


In this Scenario where IIS Server and Project Server running on same box and Analysis Services running on different Server we need to follow below mentioned steps:

1) Ensure that OLAP Application Pool Identity is set to domain account (by default its local system account and AS Server on other box doesn’t not understand the local account from IIS Server)

2) Enable anonymous access with domain account (default is IUSR),since AS data-source needs to be accessed remotely from IIS Server.

3) OLAP Virtual Directory port should be open from Firewall (making it accessible by external domain)

4) On client boxes ensure that Right SSAS Provider (OLEDB) is installed

Additional Information:

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Writer - Ashutosh Sharma, Support Engineer- SQL BI Team

Reviewer – Karan Gulati, Support Escalation Engineer – SQL BI Team

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