How I landed up in the Visual Basic team.

My last post was in September 2008. It’s been close to two years since I posted anything. My rationalization for such unforgivable behaviour is that I started working on a project that wasn’t public at that time. This was an incubation effort and I was part of a very small team of fantastic people that adopted agile practices and is easily one of the best teams for which I’ve worked. After that effort reached it’s conclusion, I, changed roles and moved to the Visual Basic .NET team as a developer and during the Dev10 cycle I owned intellisense, the expression editor and even code model for a while. Recently I’ve started working more with the compiler codebase and there is a quite a bit of blog fodder when you work in the compiler space. So I’m reviving this blog to write about all the corner cases of the language that I’m learning – or atleast that is the reason I give myself for doing something that I should just have been doing all along for the past two years.

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  1. P R Narayanan says:

    Welcome Back

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