Apple wont give XP the boot!

Yesterday, I was a happy man. Apple had announced their first MacTels and that meant that I could finally get to work with my favourite software on my favourite hardware. I was finally going to retire my iMac G5 and relieve myself of the frustration of not living on the bleeding edge. (Though I’ll probably never get a “MacBook Pro” till they change that name!) Today morning I open my computer to see that the new Mac wont run XP. BIOS gets its five minutes of fame for all the wrong reasons. Now I need to wait for Vista. I just hope someone comes up with a Virtual BIOS and gets XP to boot on it. On the plus side though atleast this will drive Vista sales and conversions!

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  1. dynamic_chair says:

    "Though I’ll probably never get a “MacBook Pro” till they change that name!"

    I agree, what a lame name. To me it seems the kind of generic boring name that PC users might go for. Did I just say that? Maybe the plan is to think like them with a clever marketing ploy.

    Lame name or not, I’ll still buy one. Just not 1st generation.

  2. kbwsnd says:

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