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The Boring Blogger

Over the years, I’ve been called a lot of names. I’ve been called a nut, an ‘evil diabolical honeypot’ and though I don’t remember the exact name at this moment, Richard Stallman has called me some pretty uncomplimentary stuff as well. But nothing has bothered me so much as this particular comment for my last…


[VSD] Getting started with the ResultSet (SqlCeResultSet)

[If you’re new to device data development, read my first post in this series] Probably the biggest new thing for device data developers in VS 2005 is the introduction of the ResultSet (to be specific, the SqlCeResultSet class) in Sql Mobile. Of course, I’m neglecting to mention that there was no IDE support for data…


[VSD] A newbie’s guide to SqlMobile and device data development

I’ve been a really bad boy when it comes to blogging – not only have I been lazy with my updates, I’ve also neglected to post anything work related. So, I finally took out the time today to write out something close to my heart nowadays – working with data on devices. Hopefully, this is…


RTM baby!

The man has spoken – VS 2005 is now live! Two years ago, I was back in college watching wide-eyed as Whidbey was previewed at the PDC. I could not even have dreamed back then that I would be a part of shipping it and attend the ship party 2 years down the line. It’s…


Best post on Web 2.0 ever

Russell Beattie has just posted the best description of the ‘Web 2.0’ phenomenon I’ve seen so far. SOA, Web 2.0, stop with the memes already!


Linq underneath the covers

I had known about the LINQ project for some time now but I hadn’t really realized the true power that LINQ brings to .Net until I watched the PDC keynote where Anders and Don and the rest took a lap around LINQ and all the other cool new shiny stuff. What’s not immediately evident is…


[VSD] Additions to the VSD blogging family

We have 2 new additions to the VSD blogging family! First off, we have Srini who works on the debugger for VSD. He starts off with how we fixed an interesting crash bug in VSD  – and how you can find and fix similar bugs in your code too. Mike Stall – eat your heart…


Functional programming in C# – Reloaded!

My avid readers (all 3 of them) may remember my old post on functional programming in C#. Well, with all the coolness in Linq, functional programming in C# just got a lot easier. Here’s my old code     public static Function<K,K1> Curry<K,K1>(Function<K,K1> func, params K1[] curriedArgs)        {            return delegate(K1[] funcArgs)                {                     //Create a final…