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I’ve stopped posting here and have moved to – please point your aggregators to  


I recently completed a year at Microsoft. I thought I’d take the chance to write about some of the fun anecdotes from my one year here. Blood, sweat, screams tears and joy – I’ve lived through them all in my short stint here.Nothing in Microsoft is feared as much as a P0 bug. P0, which…


The Microsoft Device Emulator goes Shared Source

At BarCamp yesterday, someone asked about the ability to see the source code for the emulator. I was *so* tempted to talk about this but restrained myself. Well – no more restraining myself. The Shared Source Device Emulator 1.0 is now available for download under this license Check out Barry’s blog post on the emulator…

Feed mess

Something I’ve been working on at work deals with feeds – I have to read, parse and derive meaning out of RSS and Atom feeds in the wild.  And it’s not been fun. The Universal Feed Parser is nice and everything but I’m still being forced to debug through weird Unicode issues. Or issues like…


Moving to

After several years, I’ve finally found the time to get off my lazy backside and get myself a domain and some webspace. Henceforth, I’m going to be blogging at Does this mean I’m going to stop blogging here? Yes and no. I’m going to post all Microsoft related items and technical items on both…

So long Robert

Good luck to you in your new gig. You’ll be missed around here.

Sheer beauty – how do you poll?

From time to time, you see an algorithm or a technique that makes you marvel at the sheer beauty of it. Barry Bond(who is our in-house emulation God, architect and chief troublemaker all rolled into one :-)) posted about the improvements that he and his team made to the emulator to speed it up by…


Done with my talk

I’m finally done with my MEDC talk. It went really well though it was the last talk of the day. I’ll probably blog about it in detail later MEDC Attendees Only – If you came to this blog after watching my session to find the code, you’ll have to wait a bit. I’ll get it up…


Finally at Redmond

3 long flights and an equal number of adventures later, I’m finally at Redmond at Microsoft campus. If anyone wants to meet up, shoot me a mail at Right now, I’m working out of this place Some observations about Seattle This place is cold! For someone like me coming from 40+ degrees Celsius, getting…


A Haskell programmer becomes a fan of…Visual Basic

Even though I’m a hardcore VB fan, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d see this happen. Go, Erik, go! Confessions of a used programming language salesman (PDF Link) Who’s going to be the first Lisper to move to VB? 🙂