Links to Learning more about Team system

The below links should be very useful to customers to clarify what exactly they will need to purchase in order to enable source control/bug tracking/testing scenarios within VSTS /Team Foundation Server  Presales website VSTS datasheet    Cheers !


TFS Best Practices

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices team, in concert with the TFS team and a panel of customer reviewer has just released a terrific document on TFS Best Practices.   This is distinct from the TFS help on MSDN in the sense that it is not “How-to” guidance but is conceptual information and recommendations for how to…


Outsourced Projects using Visual Studio Team System

I came across this interesting blog by Richard Murillo and thought of sharing it. In this post he explains lessons learnt and how to leverage Visual studio Team System to execute outsourced projects. Here’s the content of what he has to say “Having been included in two separate teams where our outsourced projects don’t go as…


Team System Widgets

Here’s is a cool list of various Visual Studio 2005 and Team Foundation Server add-ins, add-ons, widgets, and extensibility solutions. Cheers Srikanth


Available Check-In Policies for Team Foundation Server

Included in Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Work Items Code Analysis: Check-in policy can be used to control and improve the quality of code that is checked into the code base.  Testing Policy As part of the Visual Studio SDK September 2006 (can be downloaded for free): Example.SimpleCheckinPolcy: Sample C# class to enforce check in comments. Demonstrates…


Updated Team system Licensing Whitepaper

Updated version of the Visual Studio Team System Licensing Whitepaper has been released. This is a great document that covers many of the most frequently asked customer questions around how Team System should be licenses. It is available to download at:  


Guidance for Structuring Team Projects

“What is a Team project ?” “What are the components of Team Project ?””What are the strategies for employing team projects ?””How do I structure my team projects for development that is geographically distributed?” “Where do I store shared source that is used by multiple team projects? ” To get answers for all these common…


More TFS Videos available on Channel 9

Here are the recently posted two new Channel 9 videos for your viewing pleasure. Using Team Foundation Server to Visualize Change – One of the most powerful aspects of Team Foundation Server is the amount of raw data which gets collected behind the scenes while a software project is being built. But how do you expose…


Links to code samples

Got this cool list of code samples from Buck Hodges blog  Version Control How to Write a Team Foundation Version Control Add-in for Visual Studio Team Foundation Version Control client API example (RTM version) Displaying the sizes and dates of files in the server Displaying the labels on a file, including label comments Example usage…