Product Portfolio of Microsoft platform technologies – Win 8 App available

V8.1 and 8.0 of the Windows 8 App available now (the version # also corresponds to the OS version they apply to, respectively).

 V 8.1 includes:

-         New look & feel, branding + product logos updated

-         Poster pages can be printed to A4 sized sheet + exported to XPS Document. They can be shared as well

-         Print & share options from other pages (Product hub page, features page, Upcoming Release page, etc.), in addition to Blogs, Case Studies Page from prior versions of the App

-         Search Box added to all the Pages

-         Incremental Content updates to the Products,included product videos, etc.

 V 8.0 includes:

-         Incremental Content updates to the Products

-         A subset of the features included in v 8.1 of the App

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