Products & Services Portfolio App – v6.0 in the store now

The App has undergone changes in its branding.

Other than that:

1) Navigation changes in the interactive poster (fewer clicks/selects to drill down into a product or service).

2) Optional full page view of the poster, for ease of view and use

3) Better readability of content than in the previous release

4) Search has been enhanced to encompass Product information, product features, resources & Licensing information in the search criteria, better filtering of results and navigation to products of interest from it. It also incorporates hit-highlighting on the search results

5) Incremental changes to product content(However, information on Product resources and Product Licensing is still not comprehensive, and is as much we could collate).

6) Incremental changes to the User interface, both in the landscape and snapped modes


Refer to the User guide for more information -


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