Microsoft Products and Portfolio Windows 8 App – Version 5 in the Store

The App can be accessed from this link. Some of the new features in this release are:

 1) Navigation between pages in the App has been revisited and simplified

2) Introduced new features - Product Licensing and Editions information, Product resources information, Product Hub Page

3) Product features page contains more detailed information than in the previous versions of the App

4) Links to online material for every Product has been added in different pages

5) The App when downloaded contains the database already, as opposed to the earlier editions where it used to be generated on first time use


-  While the Licensing and Editions information, Product Resources information has been added only for select products in this release, it would gradually encompass all the other Products over the coming versions of the App

-   For BizTalk Server, version 2013 is RTM, but all the online links in TechNet point to 2013 Beta as of now. Hence the current release version of the Product has been retained as 2010 in the App, with reference to 2013 RTM mentioned as an upcoming/recent release.

-   The User guide for the App can be viewed from this link


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